Almost Half of a Year

Five and a half months ago everything changed. On the very last day of 2011, a tiny, crying, squirming little boy came into our world. Our Little Mister.

Since then, for me, for Tony, and for those we are very close to, life has become immeasurably brighter.

It began as we were told it would. He cried, he slept, he fed – we thought we were sleep deprived then. We were afraid of dropping him, of hurting him, of dressing him too warmly.

In a milk-stained, sleepy blur, those days became weeks. After a month, he was named Milin Charles Anderson.

And those months have become almost half of a year.

In that time, Little Mister has filled our lives with more happiness than we knew it possible to experience.

We have, hopefully, changed for the better as we strive to be our very best selves for this small person who is ours.

And he, too, has changed. So much. I almost can’t remember how light he was in my arms. I almost can’t remember the sound of the squeaks he made instead of cries. That is why we will have this record. For me to remember, and for those who love him so much but are so far away, to feel a little bit closer.


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