Happy Father’s Day

We’re claiming Father’s Day today, even though it’s not celebrated today here in New Zealand. Tony’s a British citizen, and Milin will be one day, so we’ll take it.

It’s an unbelievable bond between a father and son. I hadn’t seen it close up until the Little Mister came into our lives. Milin is truly transfixed by his dad. Each morning, his sheer delight at seeing him is written all over his face. It starts in his eyes. They light up when he sees his beloved dad. Next is his cute little gummy smile which he beams in the direction of his favourite person, dad.

Because Sundays are “daddy day care” days, and I go to work, the two had the whole day to spend together. Tony usually brings Milin in on a Sunday for a pitstop feed (he sometimes goes on hunger strike when I’m at the office) and today was no different. Except it was as if he knew it was father’s day. While the computers, bright lights, large open space, and array of new people were pretty interesting, and it was exciting getting a real feed from mama instead of the bottle, Milin was most interested in his dad.

He’d take a look around with his big wide eyes, take it all in, and then look back at dad and break out into his huge smile. I’d talk a little to him, give him a cuddle, show him the sights, and then he’d look back at Tony and out would come that smile again.

Milin and Tony are, I believe, incredibly blessed to have each other. I know Milin will get Tony’s jokes (I don’t), and laugh at them always. He’ll agree with his man-logic and he’ll talk in funny voices right back to him. In fact, he’s already trying to do that.

Happy father’s day Tony, from Milin. One day you guys can hang out in the shed together. (But not yet, it’s too dusty in there.)

And to my own papa, Happy Father’s Day. You’re amazing.


taken by Aunty Julia http://travellingkiwi.wordpress.com/


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