Playing Footsie

So Milin made a pretty exciting discovery today. He found his feet. Not in the figurative sense, but in the ‘oh look these are mine and I can reach them’ sense.
I had him on my lap at Space when I realised he wasn’t playing with his toys anymore. I looked down, and saw he was instead grabbing at his right foot through his onesie. I’ve helped him play with his toes before, but this was the first time he had found them for himself. I couldn’t exclaim out loud what a major achievement my little boy had just made (we were listening to a visiting speaker and it wouldn’t have been quite right), so instead I helped him out a little. I undid the buttons on his legs and feet so he could really have a good play. He didn’t seem to find the game as much fun once I got involved, but he still had a good old tug at those teeny weeny perfect toes. Which, by the way, were growing whole cities of toe lint between them – where does it all come from?
For my five months and three weeks old baby, life at the moment seems full of discoveries. That he has two feet, each with five toes, and he can grab them with his hands when he chooses to, is a big one. But there are also smaller ones which still give him so much joy.

He is learning how to laugh. The first time was in the bath last week. He has always loved baths, but last week, Tony got Milin’s first laugh out of him by playing silly with the flannel. A couple of days later, I was tickling him on the sofa (which he also loves), and I heard this short, little laugh myself. Tonight, again, in the bath, another little laugh. It is indescribable. That my Little Mister can be so happy, that we made him so happy, that he can laugh – I don’t know if there are many other better feelings than this.

He loves looking at his hands. He brings them together, plays with his fingers, and stares and stares. Each night after his bath, he sits on either mine or Tony’s lap for story time. He wants to touch the pages while we read. He loves standing up on our laps – and is strong enough in his legs to take lots of his own weight. If he stands facing me, he wants to touch my face – which usually serves as a good reminder to me to cut his too sharp finger nails.

Tonight, with his cuddly bunny by his side for company, he worked out how to put himself to sleep. It was quite a discovery, and one that I hope he remembers well enough to repeat tomorrow.


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