Baby babble, hugs, and other favourite things

So today, on the only dry day Wellington has seen in a week, the
Little Mister and I are spending most of it in bed. It’s not out of
choice, but the little one is being a sweetie and hanging out with his
mama while I rest up after a wee spell under the weather.
I’m not much up to writing, the brain’s not functioning at top speed.
But with Milin brightening up my day with his cheeky grin, completely
oblivious to the power that gummy smile has to turn all the world to
rights, I’ve been thinking about my favourite things. They’re mainly
about the Little Mister.
1. Morning time.
Our mornings are very slow. Perhaps it’s because Milin is still up
every two hours at night and it’s the only way to cope with the sleep
deprivation. Perhaps it’s because it’s winter, or perhaps it’s because
he’s never going to be an early riser. Whatever the reason, I love our
lazy starts to the day. When one of us goes to get the Little Mister
up in the morning, we get maybe the biggest smiles of the day. He is
so excited, he knows night time is over and there is a whole new day
of adventures ahead. It’s like he can’t wait to get out there and
learn something new, see something for the first time or hear a
different sound. Arms outstretched, he is one happy chappy as we reach
to get him out of his cot. It’s usually still a couple of hours before
the day gets going though. We have some Skype time with Jos masi and
Nana and Nani Ji most mornings, when Little Mister flashes his smile,
babbles away, and spends the rest of the time trying to touch them on
the screen. We hang out for a while with some toys in bed and it’s a
slow but happy start.
2. The wake-up stretch

Milin has almost grown out of doing the cutest version of this already.

We’ve very recently stopped swaddling him (his sleeps can’t get any
shorter anyway), and the wake-up stretch went hand in hand with being
swaddled. I loved swaddling him. Cocooned in merino, he would look so
tiny in his bassinet. When we first got him home, he didn’t even reach

half way. At four and a half months, he was too long for it

and we switched him into his cot. Now he doesn’t come up to half way
in that. All wrapped up, he would wake up slowly. I’d unwrap him, and
he’d stretch his arms out, then his legs, and slowly realise he was

3. Clawing the couch, or the sides of the buggy, or whatever is within reach.

I should cut Milin’s nails more often, but the only time I can is when
he is asleep in my arms. In the meantime, he’s figured out that he can
make a pretty cool noise by scratching his fingers on our textured

sofa. It’s one of his cat-like traits (he makes some other cat noises

too), and super cute – until he tries to use me as a scratching board.
4. Getting to know our faces
This is a recent one. Milin has taken to touching my face whenever he
can. With his tiny little perfect fingers, he wants to feel my cheeks,
my eyelids, my mouth. It’s like he’s exploring what I look and feel
like. Sometimes, he’s pretty quiet when he’s doing this. He’s got a
serious face on and it’s as if he’s taking it all in, committing me to

his memory and thinking quite seriously about what I look like. At
other times, he’s chatting away in his own language, I guess telling
me stuff about my own face.
5. The fingers-in-mouth baby babble
When Milin is calm and happy, usually after a feed and when he is a
little bit sleepy, his fingers go into his mouth and he starts
talking. Really talking. The baby babble goes on and on. Sometimes I
feel like he’s telling me about his day, or about what he’s been doing
for the last couple of hours at least. Sometimes, he looks so earnest
as he chatters away. He’s not really after a conversation, he doesn’t
wait for me to reply, and he manages to talk and talk without taking
his fingers out of his mouth. It’s obviously very important whatever
it is.
6. Being bashful
The Little Mister might be learning the power of his smile. He loves
showing it off to new people. And once he does, he pretends to be all
bashful and hides by turning away, or digging his chin into his
shoulder. It’s like feigned shyness, because it doesn’t last long
before he takes a sneaky look back to check you’re still looking at
him and cooing over how cute his smile is. He’s going to be a heart
breaker this one.
7. Cuddles with mama
When Milin cries, being scooped up by his mama makes the world
alright. Sometimes, he makes me feel like wonder woman. Mainly, he
makes me feel so lucky that he is mine. When he reaches his little
arms over my shoulders and buries his face in my shoulder, I feel like
the most special girl in the world.


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