Our own Hal 9000

Flippin Hal.* He’s taking over my life. Whenever the Little Mister is (finally) asleep, there he is. In the corner of the room. Watching.

Well, he’s watching Milin, and I’m watching him.

Tony nicknamed our baby monitor (or spy cam) after the talking red eye in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The name has stuck.

I’m getting annoyed with Hal. He’s just always there. When Milin finally goes down, there’s Hal. He’s constantly humming. Just incase I forget. Along the top of the screen, there’s a series of lights which flash when Milin makes a noise. There’s six of them. The louder Milin gets, the more lights we see. The first four are green, and then they graduate to red. As in: warning, your baby is about to explode.

So when I hear Milin, in stereo, my eyes are immediately fixed on Hal. Then there’s the wait. There’s two scenarios: The first (preferred) one is that Milin is just stirring in his sleep. The lights don’t flash, and Hal just keeps on humming. The second is that I’ll watch him on the screen as he wakes up, realises he is all alone and starving, and then he’ll really make some noise. Red lights follow.

Hal’s got some smart features we’ve not used yet. He plays music, which I guess is supposed to help Milin get to sleep. (If only it were that easy.) There’s also a microphone on the monitor, so I can talk to him like through a walky talky. But being able to hear me and not see where my voice is coming from would probably be quite frightening for the Little Mister. And then there’s the temperature gauge, which I’m sure is inaccurate, but nevertheless has me transfixed on how warm/cool it is when he sleeps.

Hal was a generous gift to us. Without him, we’d never hear Milin at night. And being able to spy on my sleeping, stirring cherub does give me peace of mind. But when those red lights flash every two and a half hours through the night, turning Hal off at the wall gets very, very tempting.

*Strong language denotes frustration, mainly caused by sleep deprivation.

Watching Hal

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