Tick tock

WHEN the Little Mister falls asleep in my arms, it’s time to make a choice. Do I leave him be and enjoy? Or do I go and put him down in his cot.

In the points for column under option one –

I should make the most of these sleepy baby cuddles before he gets too big.

In the points for column under option two –

I could get so much done if Milin was asleep in his cot.

The appeal of option one is obvious. Why wouldn’t I want lots of cuddles with my baby? But option two is all about time. Because with the Little Mister around, there simply isn’t the time to “get so much done”.

I think a lot about the things I no longer have time for. Doing my nails every week. Cleaning the bathroom every few days. Spending hours at the gym. Trying out complicated recipes. But tonight, when Milin fell asleep on my lap, I realised that thinking about the things I do have time for is a far better way to occupy my mind. It’s quite some list.

1. Going out for coffee: When you’re at home with a baby, going out for coffee is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. It’s a way of keeping in touch with old friends, and a way of meeting up with the new ones met through baby club. It’s an easy way to entertain the Little Mister, and it’s a way of getting a regular dose of adult conversation. But perhaps most importantly, it’s about getting a real shot of caffeine/sugar after getting up four times the night before.

2. Going for walks: Ok, so sometimes this isn’t a choice. Sometimes taking Milin out in the buggy and going for a decent walk is the only way to get him to sleep, or distract him from the fact that there’s no activities planned for today and he’s stuck at home with mama. But it’s still pretty lovely to be able to go for a walk whenever you want. Not only is it free exercise, but it’s a little relax and recharge time in the fresh air. Today, our walk took us around Oriental Parade and the Little Mister got to watch the ocean again. Yep, we’re rather lucky.

3. Staying in bed. I know this will change. But right now, Milin sleeps til 9am. Which means I do too. It’s amazing.

4. Reading books. Not books with lots of words in them, or books that make you think, or thick books with soft covers and a list of awards and serious reviews on the back – but books like The Hungry Caterpillar. Books that bring back being a kid. Books that make me remember what it was like to be read to. Books that are teaching Milin about the world, and that are causing his eyes to open wide (and his mouth, because really, he just wants to chew the pages).

5. Being silly. With Milin around, I get to be really silly all day long. In fact, the sillier the better. Which means tickling him, rolling round on the floor with him, holding him up in the air and playing airplanes, making cat noises, pulling silly faces and talking baby talk right back to him.

6. Having lots of cuddles. With my baby who loves me unconditionally. There’s probably no better way to spend my time.





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