My Tiny Tour Guide

I’VE LIVED in Wellington for five years, and never been inside the grounds of Government House until today. I finally made it because of the Little Mister, who once again has shown me a side of the city I’d never noticed or experienced before.

Along with at least 60 other mummies, (and even the GG himself) I pushed my buggy around the grounds on what was a rather damp and drizzly morning. Milin slept through the first half of the walk, then woke and had a bit of a crying fit, and then chewed on a teething ring for the last part of the outing. I’m not sure if he was too impressed with the gardens, but I was. I’ve seen lots of this city through work, but somehow, had never been inside the gates of Government House. So on this grey winter’s morning, I decided I wasn’t going to let a little rain stop me from having a little look around.

The buggy walk, organised by Sport Wellington, was the perfect way to spend the morning. Milin had been fed up at home, I hadn’t lit the fire, and it sounded like the perfect way to get some exercise in. It was also pretty much on my doorstep, with the start of the walk only ten minutes walk from home.

There’s been open days and concerts at Government House, but I’ve never quite made it before. But Milin is like a little tour guide, because with him around, I’m starting to explore new places and discover a different side to the city.

I’m now, for example, very familiar with the back room at The Southern Cross – I’d never been in there before. We’ve taken a buggy walk around Zealandia – I’d only ever been there for work. I’m getting more familiar with different areas of Te Papa, and spots around Wellington’s coast. And I definitely know the streets of my own suburb now. The houses which have sold, the ones where progress that has been made on renovations or where the garden has been paid some attention – I can point them all out.

I think I was too busy to notice some of the simplest things around me before Milin came along. And I probably also thought I was too busy to explore new places or seek out different experiences. Of course, some of the new discoveries I’m making are wholly baby related – I never needed to know before which cafes had decent change facilities. But in other cases, I’m being led towards new things because of Milin, but the experience is all mine.

He has no idea, this little six-month-old of mine, how much he is teaching me.

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