Baby Steps

OUR one week break from solids is over and we are back to trying to get the Little Mister to eat. We are making a little progress. I think.

He’s not exactly guzzling down my pureed creations, but he is ingesting very small amounts before deciding to scream at me to get across the point that he doesn’t want to eat, thank you very much.

As instructed, we had taken a week (plus a little more) off trying to feed Milin with a spoon. Instead, he was given his spoons to play with, and sometimes, he put them in his mouth by himself. Did this help reduce his spoon aversion? Perhaps a little bit. We’ve also been giving him rusks. He seems to like them – maybe because he doesn’t realise they are food. It doesn’t matter why, it’s a small victory.

Yesterday, he had a tiny bit of pumpkin. Today, it was pear. Each time, it’s less than half a teaspoon, and the food is pretty much in liquid form. But his grimace is less, his lips aren’t pursed from the start and he isn’t arching off the chair. These are little steps, but they are all in the right direction.

The Little Mister is also being a superstar when it comes to formula. It has been more than two months since we first tried to convince him to drink it. It’s been two slow months of trying each day, enduring his screams, and hoping desperately we had not lost his trust. Finally now, he seems happy – most of the time – to take it. When I’m out, Tony no longer fights a battle each time he tries to give it to him. There have been three nights now too when he has taken a bottle of formula from me.

So these baby steps are taking our Little Mister on a path of growing up a little. We’re not getting everything right along the way, but we’re realising that as long as we keep trying, we’ll get there in the end.



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