A Night on the Town

LAST night, I tucked the Little Mister in, gave him a kiss, tip-toed out of his room, and oh so quietly closed the door behind me. Then I dolled myself up and hit the town.

Technically, it wasn’t my first night out, but my second, since Milin has been around. The first didn’t go so well. While we all went up to Auckland and had a lovely weekend away, my plans to attend the Canon awards were foiled. I spent 90 per cent of the ceremony in our hotel room trying to settle the Little Mister. When he was finally down, I returned to the party, and managed my dinner and a glass of wine before, exhausted, calling it a night.

Last night was far more successful. So successful in fact that I was only half joking when I said today that I should go out more often.

Technically, I didn’t doll myself up though. There wasn’t quite the time.

Work dinner was scheduled for 7.30pm. Which was perfect, because Milin’s night time routine of bath-massage-books-feed-bed, starts at 6pm and usually sees him asleep around 7pm.

So after that, I did a quick change, once I knew he wasn’t going to spill on my clothes, and was out of the door. In heels. My feet were so happy. I’d missed my too-high, no-running-for-the-bus red Bertie ankle boots. As for the rest – getting ready is so quick when only a small portion of your wardrobe fits.

And then there was dinner, with wine on the table and no baby monitor humming in the corner. I ate my entire meal uninterrupted. And I think I was relatively restrained in phoning Tony for updates.

As it turned out, Milin was incredibly well behaved. He woke up twice for little feeds, and then had the best sleep he has, in his whole six months, ever had. He slept from 11.30pm until 5am. Even though I didn’t hit the sack until 1am, I feel like a different person. So. Much. Sleep.

We don’t know why, and it might not happen again, but today, I’m hoping, that Milin has turned a corner. Maybe it’s because he’s six months now. Maybe it’s because he’s taking more formula and getting fuller. Or maybe it’s because I went out, laughed, relaxed, forgot about the baby monitor, and generally had a pretty good time. It doesn’t matter that I spent lots of time talking about the Little Mister, and lots more time wondering if he was still asleep.

He can sleep for more than three hours at a stretch. He did it. I can go to a restaurant in the evening, and he’ll be ok. He was.

One day, Tony and I will go to dinner together – it’s an exciting prospect. We’ll probably spend most of the time talking about our Little Mister, but that’s ok.


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