Tiny Little Creatures

AT Baby Club this morning, I looked around in awe at Milin’s friends. In the last six months or so, they’ve all come a long way. From squirming, tiny, squeaking, sleeping little newborns, they’ve all become different. Whether this morning they were sitting up, protesting at tummy time, being rocked to sleep, feeding, playing with their toes, or gazing at the new surroundings, each was their own little person.

Of course, it’s unbelievable how much the Little Mister has changed in six months. But what is equally unbelievable is how much of a personality a six month old can have. I know Milin inside out, but what really struck me as I watched him amongst the other little ones today, was how much they were all little individuals.

Early on, months ago, it was clear that the boys were boys and the girls were girls. Even when they were all so new, the girls seemed to make girl noises and the boys seemed to make boy sounds. But now, some short months on, they are showing us their personalities – the little things about each of them that make them who they are. I had no idea that while still so young, these little perfect creatures would each be so different.

My own Little Mister is now smitten with whichever baby is closest to him. Today, he even tolerated tummy time because it meant he could stare at his friends. When their mummies talked, he smiled at them, but really he was most interested in the babies in his eyeline.

He wanted their toys, he wanted to play with their feet as well as his own, he wanted to grip their hands, he wanted babble to them about his morning. They all did these things or variations of them, but they did them all in their own way.

Milin is the little boy who loves his toys. He loves to play. He also loves to take in the world around him, to see what is going on, to watch people, to smile at them, to be held by mama when there’s too much going on and to make sure mama is nearby when he’s somewhere new or with someone different. He’s also the strongwilled little one who still won’t eat solids, who knows what he wants and is already learning how to get it. He sings with his fingers in his mouth, he laughs when his tummy is tickled, he charms anyone who locks eyes with him by smiling at them with his whole face.  He’s calm and placid, until he’s bored and needs a change or scene, or until he’s tired and needs a cuddle.

Six months old, and already Milin, like all his wee friends, has one big personality. For tiny little creatures, they really are amazing.


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