Little Boy Sad

Maybe he had a tummy ache, maybe he was tired, maybe he was hungry, maybe he is teething, maybe his day had been a little too busy. Whatever it was, the Little Mister grizzled. It was late afternoon, not quite bath time. He grizzled, he cried, and he was generally grumpy and unhappy.

Milin crying makes me sad. His mouth turns down at the corners, slowly. His eyes get very big and he looks at me as if to say ‘I don’t want to cry’. But then he does, and his eyes scrunch up and the tears that roll down his cheeks are too big for his little face.

Often, it is easy to make the tears stop. A cuddle, a feed, a sleep – one or two or all of these will often make Milin’s world a better place again. But sometimes, like this evening, neither me nor Tony can find what is wrong.

It’s horrible. Watching the Little Mister, when he doesn’t want to be sad, but he is crying nonetheless. He’d had a busy day of visiting friends today, and maybe it was all too much to take in. In the end, a walk, a bath, lots of cuddles and a good feed saw him settle into bed at his usual time of 7pm. I think the sadness lifted. I hope so.¬†Because there is little that can cause the kind of ache that comes with seeing your little boy sad.


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