Chicken with butternut squash and tarragon

There’s a meal I want to make for Milin. It’s chicken with butternut squash and tarragon. The thing is, there’s still no point.

The recipe is from one of my many library books on feeding babies. There’s two categories of books. Half are about how to introduce solids, while the other half are mainly made up of recipes.

There is plenty in Annabel Karmel‘s Top 100 Meals in Minutes that I want to make. Most of it looks pretty good. Even Tony found himself flicking through it this evening. He thought the oriental cod balls with plum dipping sauce looked good enough for adults. (Toddler section, not infant.)

I like the look of the chicken though, which is age appropriate for the Little Mister, as Annabel tells me it’s suitable from six months. Here it is:
Melt a knob of butter in a saucepan. Add 100g of onion and saute for 5 mins. Add 100g of squash and 100g chicken breast and fry for 1-2 mins. Sprinkle over 1tbsp of flour then blend in 100ml of milk. Bring to boil, stirring until slightly thickened. Add 1/8 tsp lemon zest and 1tsp lemon juice, cover, and simmer for 10 mins. Puree, then stir in 1tbsp grated parmesan and 1/8tsp tarragon.


But, despite our week break, Milin is still refusing to let me put a spoon in his mouth. I’m still trying every morning. We sit down together and “eat” breakfast. Sometimes, it doesn’t end in tears. Everytime, it involves me playing no end of games and Milin pursing his lips and turning his head away as soon as the spoon gets near him. Occasionally, I manage to sneak a little in when I catch him off guard. Tony’s better at this than me.

I know, that eventually, he’ll have to eat. And, just like we did with formula, we have to persevere and we’ll get there. But in the meantime, it’s making me weary.

It’s not just that I want to fill Milin’s freezer shelf with yet more fancy concoctions he’ll reject. (I have missed trying out new recipes though.) It’s not, either, that I’m particularly worried about him not getting the goodness he needs. (Because the books seem to say that until they’re one they are getting what they need from milk anyway.) But, it is that I want him to enjoy food. I don’t want us to have a wrestling match over the spoon each day, or a game that ends in us both being frustrated and at least one of us in tears. I want the Little Mister, who really is just a very little one, to want what’s on the spoon. And to enjoy it.

I’m quietly impressed with how long Milin has kept up this food refusal thing for. I get it now though. He’s strong willed and not going to do anything unless he chooses to do it himself. Which is hard, when I’m doing everything I can to try and get him to do something he simply doesn’t want to do. I just hope he decides he feels like eating some real food soon.

Other than rusks, that is. He loves, loves loves, rusks. Even more than he loves his toys. Maybe.


3 thoughts on “Chicken with butternut squash and tarragon

  1. One thing I do with bubbas is let them have a spoon too. Sometimes that’s enough distraction, plus they want to put it in their mouth themselves (prime opportunity to get a bit of food in). Good luck!

    • Haha, yes, that’s one way we can get food in. Give Milin a spoon to distract him, and when his mouth is open… sneak in a little of his meal! He’s quite happy playing with his own spoon now which is progress 🙂

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