Goodbye Holiday

It’s the end of the school holidays. On Monday, Tony will go back to work, and the Little Mister and I will revert back to our routine.

It’s been blissful having Tony around. For Milin, it’s been pretty amazing, because Tony is still his favourite person. No-one can make that little baby smile like his dad can. And no-one is as much fun, or can provoke such sheer delight just by walking into the room.

For me, it’s been a sanity saver at times to have the adult company. It’s meant there’s been a grown-up at home to have adult conversations with. It’s meant I can shower anytime I want, because there’s someone else here to look after Milin. Ditto eating lunch, or doing any of those mundane day-to-day activities that suddenly become luxuries when a baby is born. It’s meant Milin hasn’t got bored or fed up at home – because there is someone else here to distract him and play games with.

But in some ways, the school holidays have also been hard. With some of our usual daily activities cancelled, we’ve looked for other things to do. We’ve tried to get out of the house even more than usual, to give Tony a little time to work through his seemingly endless list of holiday home improvement chores.

As a result, the daytime routine has gone out of the window. Milin hasn’t had a day sleep in his cot for what feels like ages. I tried yesterday and he screamed and screamed and screamed, as if to say ‘what’s going on? you can’t leave me here in the daytime!’ He’s slept while being carted around town, or while paying social calls, or while being made to fit in with our social schedule. This has meant sleeps in the car, or in the buggy, or on my lap, or wherever we are at the time he gets tired.

I’m quite looking forward to the term time routine starting up again come Monday, but I’m also prepared for the days to be harder without Tony around. It’ll be tough on the Little Mister to get back into our routine too. My first task is going to be re-establishing the cot sleeps throughout the day. It might take us some time, but I have plenty of that to spend on getting my Little Mister sorted.


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