Downward Dog and Baby Yoga

The Little Mister is starting to practise yoga. He’s got happy baby pose down. Legs in the air, he is getting adept at grabbing his toes and pulling them towards him, knees splayed wide. It’s easy to see where the pose gets its name. Except in the true baby version the toes go all the way into the mouth.

While protesting about being on his tummy he gets himself into cobra and then looks up at me with pleading eyes which say ‘please turn me over’. Sometimes, though, when he’s feeling quite happy on his front, he tries to get himself into a position resembling downward dog. In Milin’s version, his bum sticks high up in the air, but he’s on his elbows rather than his hands. This position, quite frankly, terrifies me.

He’s obviously not got downward dog sussed. He’s a long way from doing that. At the moment he’s mainly just sticking his bottom up in the air. But the reason I’m terrified is because in this position, Milin looks like he wants to go places. He wants to crawl.

I’m not ready for this. In my head, probably because the Little Mister truly is such a little one, I had thought he would be very late to crawling. I’d told myself it would be months and months away. Maybe, however, it won’t be.

Every day, our fire burns brightly to heat up our home. It is not behind a fireguard. We use heavy pebbles as door stops. Exposed wires hang from our telephone and router down to plugs at ankle height. I leave a bottle of toilet cleaner on the bathroom floor. The house is very, very far from being crawler-proof.

I think I will be a little sad too when Milin starts to crawl. I guess I’ll get over the terror – making the house safe won’t take too much work. But once the crawling milestone is reached, my little baby really will be on his way to growing up. Gone will be the days of him lying in one spot under the toys hanging over his playmat. Gone will be the days of me saying “don’t go anywhere”, and giggling to myself at my bad joke. So yes, I think the excitement of such a huge milestone reached will also come with a little sadness too.

The Little Mister is, as well as trying to go places, also getting incredibly close to sitting up unaided. Now this I am excited about. I think he’ll love being able to sit and play, instead of spending so much time lying down. It’s a precarious activity, sitting, at the moment. And he needs to be surrounded by cushions or the waiting arms/legs of me or Tony to fall onto – but he seems to be enjoying it. Many attempts end with his face splatted forwards after over zealous attempts to reach his toes, but every so often he lasts a few seconds upright. Sitting up, it seems, makes reaching toys so much easier. And for Milin, that’s what the day is all about.

2 thoughts on “Downward Dog and Baby Yoga

  1. Ha ha, I know what you mean! My little girl is 7 months now and can shuffle, roll and tilt her way all around the living room and beyond! I don’t think she’s far off crawling, but it doesn’t matter as she can still speedily get herself into all sorts of trouble-like getting stuck under the TV stand. We still haven’t baby proofed and I’ve had to quickly take charger leads and monitor cables away from her. It is so scary that they don’t need us so much and for me it means I’m getting ever closer to going back to work and missing out on all these amazing developments! I love your photos, he’s such a cutie!

    • Thank you! Isn’t is scary how quickly they suddenly start become more mobile. Even though Milin is far away from crawling, he’s turning himself over, and shuffling around a lot on his play mat. It’s definitely the start of some trouble!

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