Four hours good, two hours bad

THE FOG of exhaustion has lifted. Thank you Little Mister, thank you.

Life has been getting easier these last two weeks. It’s because Milin is sleeping better. And Milin sleeping better means we all sleep better and the house is a happier place.

I am convinced this sudden improvement is down to the Little Mister finally succumbing to drinking formula. For the last fortnight, he’s dropped his dramatic two-month rejection of S26 gold, and he is now happy to guzzle it from the bottle during the day. At night, he still quite likes his mum, thank you very much.

He’s still not drinking anywhere near the recommended quantities, but he is clearly not going to bed hungry anymore. Instead of waking every two hours, which he did for two months, he has spent the last fortnight letting us get more sleep. He is still sleeping from 7pm – 7am, but now with only two night-time pit stops for feeds. That’s down from about four wake-ups. It’s making quite a difference to my life.

When you have to keep getting up every two hours at night, the next day is a foggy, confused, hazy experience you bumble your way through. You have whole conversations with people and moments later cannot remember what you talked about. You walk into a room with no idea what you were looking for. It’s not worth trying to concentrate on anything. When that goes on for two months, you become a zombie.

The difference between getting up every two hours and getting up every four is phenomenal. I’ve realised I can, once again, string complete sentences together. I don’t spend the night time feeds fighting sleep while holding my baby. I don’t wake up in the morning with no recollection of how many times I got up in the night – because I was doing it while half asleep.

Tony thinks I’m tempting fate by celebrating the Little Mister’s improved sleeping patterns. That’s ok. Even if he goes back to frequent waking and this is a short-lived blip, at least it’s been a much-needed and much-enjoyed reprieve from exhaustion.

If the Little Mister’s bright red cheeks and constant gnawing are anything to go by, we could soon be embarking on a road of teething adventures. Tony points out that these are likely to bring with them another run of sleepless nights. But, again, that’s ok. It’s what we signed up for.




One thought on “Four hours good, two hours bad

  1. Yay for you. That is great news! I have heard that teething doesnt necessarily mean sleepless night. Fingers crossed…………for all of us.

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