Banana-stained Success

TWO MONTHS might be the magic number. That’s how long it took, of trying every day, for the Little Mister to take formula. And that’s how long it has taken, of trying every day, to get the Little Mister to eat. Now, at nearly seven months, I can say he has had his first real go at solids.

I don’t know what happened to change things today, but I’m notching it up as a success. Breakfast went as it does everyday. Milin refused his puree. (Today it was pear.) He pursed his lips, arched his back, and tried to squirm out of his high chair.

At lunch, he threw his rusk ceremoniously on the floor, reached for my salad, and started drooling. Caught short with none of my fancy creations defrosted, I decided my balsamic-drenched quinoa and raisin bowl wouldn’t be the safest thing to try him on, so I mashed up a banana.

The Little Mister allowed me to guide the spoon into his mouth. He probably ate almost a tablespoon worth. At last.

Perhaps not-so-secretly, I have spent the last month or so gazing enviously at other mummies as they feed their babies. I’ve wanted to join in with Milin. I’ve watched studiously for tips – what have I been doing wrong? I’ve taken books out of the library – and renewed them because if I read them a second time I might figure out some answers. I’ve ordered my baby-led weaning book – and still plan to do a little of this, because my boy clearly prefers feeding himself.  And now, finally, (unless this was a complete one off, but I’m being optimistic), I can start making the meals I’ve been eyeing up in Annabel Karmel’s book that has been gathering dust on the shelf. I’ll hopefully also stop being consumed by this obsession that is centred on getting the Little Mister to eat.

And if the first month of his life was milk-stained, this seventh month may be characterised by the brown smudge of banana. It’s horrible.

I know babies aren’t tidy. Our house is already filled with Little Mister themed clutter. And I know it’ll get worse once he’s mobile and pulling things off shelves. But the mess that comes with eating is going to take some getting used to.

We both learned something today. The Little Mister learnt that eating off a spoon really isn’t that bad. In fact, he almost grizzled once the banana was all gone. And I learnt never, ever, to feed him banana while he is wearing his cutest cardigan, and while I am wearing cashmere.

Post banana high

In other news, because I know there is more to life than solids and my obsession with them will now wane, the Little Mister is getting pretty good at sitting up.

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