Breakfast Time at Our Place

The spoon goes in

We play the same game every morning. I give Milin a spoon to play with. He smiles a lot and babbles to me about how he’s on to me. I try and put a spoon laden with food into his mouth at the same time. He won’t let me.

The end result is that the food goes everywhere, and I might manage to get an eighth of a teaspoon between his lips. We have fun though. I laugh at Milin being so stubborn, and he laughs at me being so useless at trying to feed him. But, I reckon it’s progress.

You might think from this that Milin actually ate his cinammon-infused apple puree on rice cereal. He didn’t

On another note, another super fun game we played on Tuesday was at Space – it was water play week. Milin thought getting to splash around in the sunshine was pretty exciting.


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