Winter is different this year. With the Little Mister, I am out in the rain, the cold and the storms, far more than before. He doesn’t care if it’s blowing a gale when he gets fed up indoors. His busy social calendar sees us traipsing all around the city in every kind of weather – and I hate to drive places with him. Snug as a bug under his blankets in his buggy, he doesn’t care at all if another southerly is blowing through Wellington.

Today, I walked through two bouts of rain, and my fingers were little ice blocks as I’d forgotten my gloves. But, I’m still grateful we went visiting, because the fresh air was just what I needed after being couped up in the office all day yesterday. The exercise surely did me no harm either.

Milin was particularly sociable. He’s still the smiliest person I know. He loves flashing that grin, particularly at new people. The more they smile back, the more he smiles at them. Little charmer.

And then we had a typical winter’s afternoon. The Little Mister had a nap (after screaming at me for ten minutes about not wanting to be in his cot), and I made a fire. I’m getting good too with all the practice. But as nice as it is to spend the afternoons playing on the rug in front of the fire with him, I’m holding out for the days when playing outdoors doesn’t require wellis and down jackets. I have a feeling though that the Little Mister will by then be more taken days of rain – because splashing about in puddles will surely make going for walks more fun.

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