Life in Technicolour

AGAIN and again, I am surprised by how much joy our Little Mister brings into the lives of those around him. Since Friday, when my mum arrived in Wellington, I’ve been watching it happen in technicolour.

At the end of mum’s first visit after Milin was born, he was two months old. He was just starting to smile. Now, at the start of her second visit, he is sitting up alone, wanting to crawl, and a smiling, laughing chatterbox who wants to be friends with everyone and will let them know it with a charming grin. He is a little boy who loves his toys, who is happy to play all day as long as he knows we are nearby, who cries to let us know he is hungry or tired, but is otherwise a contented little nearly-seven-month-old.

He loves mum so much already. Today, he laughed again and again and again as she played ball with him. It was such a simple game, but he loved it like it was the best game he had ever played in his whole life. It probably was. He finds mum hilarious. He makes her so happy, just as he does us. We have been watching him today – with the ball, during a walk on the beach, while at the park – and taking such joy from seeing him experience the world for the first time.

At Lyall Bay, he continued his love affair with the ocean. Quietly, he took it all in. The waves transfixed him. The seagulls were fascinating. And after five minutes on the swing, the Little Mister started moving his legs to push himself forward. At home, watching a ball roll away again and again was like watching a magic trick. Watching a car roll around his play mat saw his round eyes widen with surprise.

Watching him watching the world, we are watching a little baby learn and grow from seeing things for the first time. It’s magic.

Beach walk at Lyall Bay

Playtime at Lyall Bay park

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