The Kiran and Tony Team

Tony and I have always been a team, but with the Little Mister around, we seem to have perfected the art of working together. It’s taken nearly seven months, but I think we’ve made it here relatively smoothly by figuring out how much more we can achieve with a little team work.

A very good friend came to visit last week. She spent a few days and nights with us, and showered us with compliments about our team work. Milin was lucky she said, that we had it sorted. Honestly, she was here over a fortunately calm few days while the boy was well behaved and settled. Tony and I were feeling the benefits of relatively good night sleeps – and so perhaps life did look smooth. Of course it often isn’t.

But I am proud of us when I think of how we work together. We have established routines, and they seem to be paying off. The most successful one is bath time, and since we’ve been strictly adhering to this (about two months) bed time has become so much easier. The Little Mister has a bath, gets a massage, reads some books, has a bottle, and then promptly falls asleep about 6.30/7pm. It also means that we have each evening to ourselves and have reclaimed a bit of time for us.

Not all the routines are having their desired effects (Milin still fights his afternoon nap, he still won’t eat despite my efforts), but I think we will get there with them in the end.

Over the last seven months, we have fallen into patterns that suit us both. Tony, for example, gets up and feeds Milin when he wakes before midnight – I get up and feed him after that time. It’s been about compromise, and fitting the tasks in with all the other busy life things we are trying to achieve.

And now, as our little family ticks along, team work makes each day so much easier. It’s helped us get things just so, and that means it’s also helped us get the Little Mister settled into a happy little routine. But I suppose now we should be waiting for him to change things up again. No routine seems to last too long with a baby. We’ve had a few weeks of thinking life is getting a little easier. So now could be the time he throws us a few surprises – surprises we’ll no doubt need our new found team skills to help us conquer.


By the way, I went to work today – and look what I missed:

At home with Aunty Julia

Photo by Julia:

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