I’m feeling rejected. I know the Little Mister hasn’t done it on purpose, but he has made me feel a little snubbed.

I’ve written here about having some success with food, but that was a one-off. In reality, the Little Mister still doesn’t eat anything. He’s going great with the formula, but when it comes to solids, he still doesn’t want anything I’ve made.

So, the freezer shelf is still full. I make up fruit-based purees, vegetable purees, cinnamon infused purees, expressed milk vegetable mashes – the works. I portion them up, carefully date and label them, add them to my colour-coded list on the freezer door, and put them away.

Each morning, I decide on a menu and defrost what I need to while he sleeps, getting ready, because today might be the day. I dutifully try and feed him breakfast and lunch every day, just as I have done for the past two and a half months. He continues to purse his lips, turn his head away, and flatly refuse to take the spoon.

I’ve just started reading the baby led weaning book, and I’m going to give it a go. I think we’ll have some luck with it. The baby on the cover looks a bit like Milin, and I think we’ve got the same high chair. This bodes well. The thing is, I’m yet to get over my nerves about choking and gagging. Perhaps once I’m a little further through the book though, I’ll be steaming up carrots and broccoli heads and handing them to my hungry baby with confidence. Maybe he’ll sit there, in his high chair, and smile at me before grabbing them from the tray, munching away at them, and demanding more. Maybe. But that’s down the track.

Today, mum, who is finally here from London, gave the Little Mister a squeezy pouch to hold. She helped him squeeze its contents into his mouth – which he opened. Voila. The Little Mister ate organic broccoli, carrot and sweet potato mash. From a plastic squeezy tube made by a machine in a factory. Then he ate some more.

I know I shouldn’t resent that there wasn’t any mama-love in that tube, but I do. I know I should be pleased that he ate something – anything – but I still feel rejected. I guess there’s always tomorrow. Maybe he’ll go off the squeezy tube and want a mouthful of home made goodness instead. Or maybe not.

Here he is – just before refusing to eat the breakfast I’d made him. Lucky he’s so cute.

No breakfast for me thanks, I’ve got rings and Sophie to chew on.

3 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. i believe – at least so my sisters have told me, and they’ve all got oodles of babies – that babies tell you when they want to eat solids. They start reaching for your food and demanding to eat some too. The age at which they do that can vary though. Good luck!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. When my little one started eating solids, I started him on Purity simply because I had just gone back to work and moved home so I didn’t have the time to make food for him. He loved it! Eventually I had some time to make my own food for him and the outcome was he literally started spitting it back at me! Needless to say I eventually gave in and he is a happy eater now, but I remember feeling so hurt.
    Good Luck!

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