A Trip to the Temple

Mum and Tony took the Little Mister to the gurdwara for the first time today. I wish I’d been there, but instead I was stuck in the office. Apart from the initial shock of waking up somewhere new, he enjoyed it by all accounts.

Ending his sleep there, surrounded by lots of people and unfamiliar noises, gave him a fright. But once he calmed down he apparently sat with mum, played with her handbag, was transfixed by the bigger kids, and was a dream. While mum and Tony ate, he sat with them and chewed on an empty metal plate.

When mum and papa went to the gurdwara after he was born, the letter M began that day’s reading. And so, as tradition would have it, our Little Mister was to have a name beginning with M. I chose a name that meant meeting or union. A milnee at a wedding sees two sides – the bride and groom’s – come together to meet. It’s a joyous, happy event. So, I am never surprised at how much joy Milin brings to the lives of all those around him.

His second name, Charles, is a family name on Tony’s side. Tony still calls him Charlie. To the Little Mister’s dad, that will always be his name. To the Little Mister’s mum, he will always be Milin. The little boy might be confused for a while, but no doubt one day he’ll tell us what he prefers. Until then, we might both keep up being so stubborn. No wonder he is so strong willed.



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