A Spanner Like Flu

WHILE I spent most of the day laid up on the couch and under the weather, the Little Mister hung out with my mum. And I realised there’s nothing like being sick to make you appreciate your mum.

I am rarely sick, and despite fighting it, I had no choice today but to curl up under the blanket and rest my sneezing, aching, coughing self. The Little Mister looked over at me with a confused stare from time to time as he wondered why I wasn’t playing. Most of the time though, he was having fun being distracted by mum. Which made me wonder how on earth mums without family to help them out when they are sick look after their babies. Not only did mum look after Milin all day, but she looked after me too 🙂

It also was one of those days which made me realise, we are of course doing the right thing by going back to London. Tony and I muddle on, we make do, and we figure things out most of the time. But throw a spanner like flu in the works and it gets too tough with just us.

I have spent much of the week since handing in my notice questioning whether we are making the right move. The enormity of it is dawning on me. What shall we do with the house? What if we don’t find jobs? How will I cope without my amazing new mummy friends? Isn’t London going to be tough with a baby? Will we miss too much our lifestyle here?

And yes, it probably will be really, really hard. But we’ve made our decision, and as I lay on the couch today I felt certain it was for the right reasons.


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