Routines are made to be broken

JUST when I think I’ve got the Little Mister all worked out, he changes things up. We’re going through one of those changes right now.

I’m a stickler for routine. I love it. So when I was told, repeatedly, that babies thrive on it, I thought ‘great, me and baby will be on the same page’.

And the Little Mister does, as everyone said he would, love routine. He knows that the start of the nightly bath regime means bed time is not far away and there is no point complaining about it. Problem is, he also knows the routine for impending daytime naps, and this is one he is suddenly not happy about.

For a good amount of time now, the Little Mister has been a three nap a day boy. It’s been great. Every couple of hours he rubs his eyes, I give him a bottle, he might drink it, he might not, and then he goes down for a nap in his cot. Admittedly, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, and sometimes it takes half an hour and a few tears, but it happens. Three times a day. That’s the routine.

But this last week, my little cherub doesn’t want three naps a day thank you very much. If only I hadn’t got used to them. I was quite enjoying the time off to do stuff like a quick tidy up. Or make some phone calls. Or eat some lunch.

So, I suppose we are transitioning from one routine to another. What drama. I’ve already realised there is no point fighting it – I think the Little Mister has already won this one. He’s just having trouble being convinced by me when the best time would be to take two naps instead of three. Which is making for some rather long afternoons. And it’s playing havoc with his social calendar. Working out when to take these two new naps around Space, story time, baby sensory, etc etc, takes some organising.

We’ll stumble along, though, and we’ll get there soon – and that will be another victory for the Little Mister. Amazing, seven months old and already got me doing things his way.

Daytime activities up there with not sleeping: Eating Lego for lunch and Sophie for dessert.

Another highly regarded daytime activity is playing on the iPad. Really.



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