More dubious culinary progress

OUR culinary adventures continue. I’ve written about numerous false starts. There was that time the Little Mister looked like he wanted some mashed banana. Then there was the time he ate a bit of mush from a squeezy pouch. The fact remains though, that the Little Mister doesn’t eat.

He’s got really good at formula guzzling, however, so I suppose that’s something. I think it’s making him fill out a lot. He’s got chubby cheeks and thighs and fingers. So cute.

But he still refuses to let me feed him with a spoon. Or a squeezy pouch. He has figured out that those pouches are just another feeding vessel. He’s pretty smart, my boy. I don’t mind him not liking the pouches. I was a bit miffed anyway that he would want those over the good wholesome fare I’d prepared myself.

I still like the idea of baby led weaning, but I’ve got my own hang ups on choking that are preventing us from charging down that road. I did give Milin a Cruskit the other day. He loved it, until he gagged on a bit that got stuck. Too scary.

Yet the only way the Little Mister is going to eat is if he feeds himself. This week he has started wanting to do it. About time. I’ve been giving him his little blue spoon so he can give it a go. The food goes everywhere, all over the table or high chair tray, all over his clothes, and then all over his hands. He loves to feel it and play with it on the spoon. Banana is particularly slimy and mushy. Then he aims it at his mouth. If there is any food left on the spoon by the time it makes contact, he eats. This is progress.

I figure it will help him improve his hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills, so surely it’s a good thing on numerous levels. He doesn’t seem fussy about what is on the spoon either, he just wants to be the one in control.

The Little Mister is also loving sucking banana or mandarin through a little net bag. Again, it’s because he can feed himself. How much he gets is of course negligible in calorie content terms, but he’s still eating. Today, he wanted mum’s apple, so he sucked on a big slice of that too.

So I think we’ve cracked it. We’ll just let the Little Mister feed himself, and one day, more of the food will stay on the spoon. Simple.


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