Get Well Soon

I AM wondering whether there are many things more painful than seeing your baby sick.

At first I thought it was teething related – the Little Mister won’t let me look, but I can feel two sharp little teeth on his lower gums. But he’s not dribbling, he’s not gnawing and he’s not got red cheeks.

Well, he does have red cheeks – but from nappy rash. The poor little boy is beside himself with what might be a tummy bug. It started yesterday and by last night at 2am Tony and I finally got him to settle down by taking him to bed with us. There was nothing else we could do to make it better.

Today, I’ve tried everything that friends, books and of course the internet have suggested. The Little Mister has tried bravely to not let being sick get him down. At times, he has been easy to distract. At others he has been inconsolable. For the second night in a row, we’ve resorted to baby panadol.

Watching him in pain is horrible. His screams have made his voice hoarse. Of course he cannot understand why he feels the way he does. Sometimes, we can make him forget about how he is feeling. At other times, I am sure he wants to be his normal chirpy self, but he just can’t get past being sick. As we prepare ourselves for another long night, I suppose all we can do is our best and hope he is better very soon.



4 thoughts on “Get Well Soon

  1. Sympathies, Kiran. Has he been recently vaccinated? sometimes that can upset them. Recommend seeing a doc as his behavour is not normal. Hope all returns to normal soon!

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