Thank You Mummies

WHILE the Little Mister was almost beside himself, and I was closer than him to the precipice of holding it all together, I sought advice from baby club. The poor wee babe has had a trying week being sick, and come the weekend, I was feeling helpless.

So I asked for tips from my wonderful mummy friends. Not by phone, because phone calls can always be interrupted; not in person, because I didn’t want Milin to pass his bugs on; but via the wonder that is the interweb.

Come Saturday morning, at a loss, all I wanted was some new ideas – or even just a few mummies to say they’d been through this too. I emailed, I asked my various mummy groups on facebook, and I generally put the cyber feelers out there – help me, I asked.

And what a response. I was told that tui bee balm, pawpaw ointment and sudocreme are the wonder cures for nappy rash, combined with lots of air and sunshine. I tried it – it was true. I was given advice on water, soap, teething, tummy aches, baby being clingy, baby not feeding … the list went on. I tried almost everything, because if another mummy found it worked for their baby, it was worth trying for the Little Mister. And of course, lots of the tips worked.

So, thank you mummies. Not only for your advice and for sharing your secrets, but for sharing your stories. When the Little Mister was wailing, and I felt I’d done everything wrong, it was so good to know that I wasn’t the only one to feel that way. I wasn’t the first mummy to feel despair at not knowing how to help, and I know I won’t be the last. Your suggestions made the Little Mister better, which was the only thing I wanted this weekend.

There might not be a handbook that comes with motherhood, but the community that grows around you means you don’t need one.


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