Roll Over, Roll Over

ALL of a sudden, the Little Mister wants to crawl. He realised this a few days ago. Maybe it was watching lots of his more mobile baby buddies that made him want to get moving. Or maybe it was getting too frustrating sitting in one place. Whatever the reason, he’s clearly not going to wait for Tony and I to baby-proof the house.

There have been signs for a while now, but there hasn’t been any progress. Until suddenly, a few days ago, the rolling started. As soon as the Little Mister is put on his back now, he rolls onto his tummy. Very, very quickly. This is making nappy changing a nightmare. It is also making nap-times tough. Unless he’s very tired, Milin rolls onto his tummy instead of putting himself to sleep. Then he tries to crawl up his cot, gets annoyed that he’s not going anywhere, and screams at me until I come and turn him over. Still awake.

Needless to say, he’s not crawling yet. What he is doing is pivoting in a circle on his tummy and occasionally inching backwards a little. The result isn’t that he really moves anywhere, or that he reaches the toys he desperately wants. No. The result is sheer frustration. He pushes himself up on his hands, but can’t quite get onto his knees. Instead, chest raised, he turns his head up to me, and pleads to be picked up and pulled off the floor and away from this mess he’s got himself into.

As of the last couple of weeks, he also has two very sharp, very little bottom front teeth. When he laughs hard and loud, with his mouth wide open, you catch a glimpse of them. It’s hard to believe that gummy smile is gone.

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