And then we were left alone

THEY came, they entertained; he laughed, he loved; they left.The Little Mister’s nana ji and nani ji have gone. My parents have left a quieter, emptier house behind them. And there’s a little boy here who I’m sure is wondering when they’re coming back.

They left two days ago, early on Saturday morning. Our weekend was hectic, the Little Mister distracted and excited by having Tony around. And today, we’ve gone back to our little routine of me and the boy at home.

It took no time at all for the Little Mister to fall in love again with his grandparents when they arrived. He was immediately at ease with them. They were so good with him, he was so happy. They changed nappies, calmed him, fed hid, put him to bed, picked him up when he cried and woke up, looked after him alone. He loved every second.

In the morning he would look at the door, waiting for them to come in. When he heard nana ji’s voice down the hall he would look up, excited, waiting. They played silly games all day. They tired him out. That bit was great too.

It’s a wonderful bond to see up close. And the Little Mister is very, very lucky. I won’t be sad for him that they are not here now though – because we will be there soon. I wonder though, how much does he really know. Is he wondering where they are? Does he remember that they played with him so much each day? Is he waiting for them to come back? Or has he already settled back into our little routine?

I kept him busy today, afraid that otherwise I’d find out he was really missing them. He was a gem, as Tony says. He got tired towards the end of Monday coffee group, but other than that, a gem. We went to the pool – he figured out how to splash, but didn’t like the water hitting his face. We walked in the sun – he slept. Their first grandchild, busy, happy, and not on this far side of the world for too much longer.





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