Dear Mama: My right of reply

Dear Mama,

I’m going through some stuff right now, and I’m not sure you understand it all that well. Sometimes this stuff gets annoying, and frustrating, and tiring. I think you’re trying your best to help – but I thought I should explain.

Things have been moving pretty fast for me recently. Long gone are the days when I just used to lie on my back staring at the ceiling and the too-bright light bulb in the lounge. Thanks for giving away my playmat by the way, I’d got really bored of looking at those toys hanging over me.

Thanks, too, for seating me upright these days. I like it. I don’t like it so much when you put me in my high chair and try and feed me pureed vegetables, but I like it when you put me on the floor and give me my stacking cups or roll the big green ball from Auntie Jane at me.

You’ve obviously realised I need to go places on my own now. I’ve seen my friends doing it, and it’s my turn now. Sometimes you help me get down onto my tummy, but sometimes you think I’m just leaning towards you for a cuddle. Actually, more often than that, I’m trying to get onto my front so I can get practising on this crawling business. I like practicising. But not for long. When I start complaining, can you please help me get up, instead of watching to see how long I last before I’m really screaming. I don’t like going backwards. My toys get too far away. I know that mostly though you are trying to help, so if you could hoover the rug a bit more often too, that would be good. All those little bits of fluff are a distraction from my stacking cups which are my real target.

You’ve noticed too that I practise crawling when I’m in my cot sometimes. That’s because you put me in there when I’m not tired. I’m not sure why you do this, by the way. If I’m not tired, I won’t sleep. Just saying.

What I will do is roll over and get on my hands, push myself up, and then try and go places. Problem is, the cot is out to get me. It traps my arms in its bars. Sometimes, it traps my head. I really hate that a lot. Thank you for rescuing me and giving me cuddles when I get stuck. But probably the best way to help me not get stuck in the first place is not to put me in my cot when I’m not tired. Just saying.

As I said before, life has been moving pretty fast for me. Soon, I’m going to be going places on my hands and knees. I’ve not quite figured out how to get up on my knees yet like my friends, but I’m close, I can feel it. Maybe you should sort out some of those loose wires now that are behind the toys on my shelf? They just look so tempting. And maybe get a fire guard?

Until I get going though, please help me when I’m stuck, and please keep helping me get up when I’ve had enough. But please stop putting me in my cot when I’m not tired. I just can’t help trying to escape from it when you do. I hope this helps.

Love and big open mouth kisses, Milin Charles x

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