The Ninth Percentile

CROSSING over two percentile lines on the weight chart, the Little Mister has well and truly outdone himself. I suspected he was filling out nicely with the formula, and now the scales have proved it.

Milin had his Plunket weigh in last week. 7.7 kg, which put him on the ninth percentile. This is the line he was born on, but by about ten weeks he had dropped to just above the 0.4th, where he stayed for months.

I have no doubt the weight gain has tied in with Milin accepting formula. After all the convincing he took to drink it, he now well and truly loves it. Our tins recommend four to five bottles a day. He has six to seven. The few solids he eats (quarter cups of very pureed ,very sweet fruit), he resists and resists, because he would rather have a bottle.

And since he has been taking that formula from a tin, that he can’t wait to get his hands on once he sees it being made up, he really has filled out. He sleeps better, he is calmer, he is happier to go down, and getting milk into him is no longer a frustrating experience for all concerned.

I’m sure there were many wonderful benefits from breastfeeding for the Little Mister, but there are also many others that he gets from formula. I stopped breast feeding him at seven months. Yes, I missed it at first. But I know he’s getting what he needs, and he’s not getting annoyed because it’s not quite filling him up. He still wakes me up twice a night screaming for a feed – but it’s no longer every two hours. And there he is now…


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