Hands, Knees: Go

THE WORLD around the Little Mister suddenly became a lot more exciting this week. He mastered crawling. After weeks of rocking backwards and forwards on his hands and knees, and weeks of watching his buddies do it, he’s going places. Fast.

It happened on Tuesday morning. We woke up, went into the lounge to play toys, I sat the Little Mister on the rug, and he launched forward onto all fours and was off. Just like that. It was like he’d figured it out overnight and couldn’t wait to get started.

He’s spent the week exploring the living room, and making some observations. His favourite place to crawl to is the fireplace. We’ve stopped lighting the fire in the mornings as a result. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get cold again. Today, he figured out how to crawl up onto the hearth. Then he tried to crawl down. Bang.

He much prefers crawling on the wooden floor than on the rug. Getting into the bottom shelves of our bookshelves is fun too. But sometimes he bangs his head on the edge of the unit. Ouch.

The pantry is almost too exciting to handle. Getting into the bottom corner is activity number one. From here, he can scratch the rice bag, try to get into the egg tray, try to open the paper recycling bin, and then swivel around on his tummy and watch what I’m doing in the kitchen. From there, he heads towards the very large metal plant pot. Those yukka leaves are so tempting, but just a little too high to reach just now. (But I predict I’ll be writing a post about him pulling them off in the not too distant future.)

He’s not yet ventured in the direction of the dining table, but there’s so many wooden legs for him to bang his head on there I’m in no rush to introduce him to that particular piece of furniture.

I still put toys in the middle of the rug for us to play with. Mostly he ignores them and heads for the fireplace. I love his independence. But, I’m kind of sad too that this Little Mister can now go where he wants, when he wants. Already, he needs me a little less.

But suddenly I can’t take my eyes off him. There’s too many bangs on the head already.

He is, despite the bangs, so excited by the world. Every crawling second is an adventure. For months he has watched the scenery around him and get to know it well. Now, finally, he can go and explore it. Enjoy my Little Mister, enjoy.


One thought on “Hands, Knees: Go

  1. Mobility!! It’s an exciting time. But yeah, you have to watch them! They figure out how to move long before they learn how to not bump into things and not fall down steps. I reckon babies should develop common sense first, THEN learn to crawl. Although you’d have to redesign highschools and universities for rolling students… 😉

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