Dear Screaming Fairies

Why? Screaming Fairies, that’s my question to you: Why?

You’ve paid our happy home a visit twice in two nights. We’re tired. The Little Mister is tired. Please don’t come back tomorrow.

Perhaps we’ve had it too good for the last three and a half months. Bedtime has been 6pm, until daylight savings started. Since then we’ve pushed it back to 7am, and got ourselves an extra hour in bed in the morning. Getting up at 7am seems right. Getting up at 6am doesn’t.

And for the last three and a half months the routine has been working oh so well. Did we get complacent? Dada gives the Little Mister a bath, massage and they read some books. Mama gives him a bottle, and when he’s finished, tucks the blanket into the sides of the cot and says goodnight. Really screaming fairies, there was no reason to come a-visiting.

Last night, we thought it was the rescue helicopter loudly coming into land at the hospital that woke the Little Mister up. Cue nearly two hours of refusing to go back to his cot. Well there was no rescue helicopter tonight, but that staunch refusal to go to sleep was back.

We lowered the mattress yesterday. I know he’s some time away (hopefully) from standing up in his cot and trying to make a swift exit, but it can’t hurt to be prepared. Or can it? He’s definitely notice the sides of the cot come up higher now. He’s much closer to the floor, he can see it.

But is that the reason for your visit screaming fairies? See with Tony and I being new at this game, we can only guess. All we know is that we’ve not seen you for four months or so at bed time. Now, suddenly, out of the blue, you’re back.

The Little Mister can’t tell us why you’re here. All we can do, is try our very best to calm him down. He breaks my heart, screaming. He breaks it into smaller pieces when I can’t help him stop. He’s back in his cot now. Sleeping. Please let him stay that way for a while, and please don’t come back tomorrow. In advance, thank you.


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