Lions and Giraffes and Monkeys

GOING out and about with the Little Mister is becoming so much fun. Whenever we go anywhere new, it’s like a grand adventure for him. His eyes open wide, he looks around at the new place, people and objects, and takes it all in. You can almost see the wheels turning. He’s often a little quiet with concentration, but later, as if on a high, he’ll babble away and tell me all about it.

As far as adventures go, today was all the way up there. Somehow, we managed to fit in a trip to the zoo and a trip to the swimming pool. It was all about getting the sleeps perfectly timed. And now we’re both exhausted.

The zoo┬áis just down the road, but today was the first time we’d made it further than the cafe at the entrance (where we spend a lot of time). I know the zoo well, but walking around with the Little Mister today, I saw it in a whole new light. He loved it. He particularly loved watching all the other kids there, particularly the little ones running around.

He took a look at a sun bear, and the giraffes, who did look remarkably like his Sophie. The lion was perhaps a little far away, but he did see the monkeys. It was the roosters who scurried across our path who were possibly the biggest hit though, because they were the closest and easiest to examine. They were moving around a lot too, and colourful and standing out against their surroundings. The Little Mister just stared quietly, watching, thinking, processing.

Of course it tired him out, but after his sleep, mum and I took him to the pool. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, but was too scared of the logistics to go alone the first time and then getting the flu set back plans, so today was the day. And we had so much fun.

The Little Mister has always loved bath time, but I was still aware that liking being in a baby bath might not equate to liking being in a toddler pool full of bigger kids. Again, he was quiet, and a little serious, but he really enjoyed it.

In his oh-so-cute crocodile trunks that were way too big, he bobbed around in his inflatable ring for a while, and then I held him as he sat up in the water, stood up for a while, floated on his tummy, and sat on my lap. He found a few balls, which of course went straight to his mouth. He watched the taps pouring water in. He tried to drink the water in the pool. And he copied me when I splashed at the water with my hand. He got it. In the bath tonight, he splashed again. This could be the start of something messy.

In the changing rooms, he was a little bashful and shyly turned away from the Milin baby in the mirror. The very loud shower scared him so much his terrified eyes couldn’t get any wider. But then he was calm, and content, and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

We’re going again next week.